Nimtala clinic’s new wound-dressing room is finally finished!

It took six long months to build this small room where patients can have their dressings changed in private and in a hygenic setting.

Building started back in January but came to a complete halt on March 25 when the nationwide lockdown was announced.


The wound-dressing room was finally completed in June and has been fitted with all the necessary equipment to assist the highly-skilled staff who do the dressings – including a hand dryer and a hand wash dispenser. A plastic curtain has also been installed to create a barrier between the patient and the wound dresser during the Covid epidemic.  

Up until now, dressings have had to be done in the same small room that is used by patients waiting for treatment. Although staff worked hard to keep the area clean, dust and dirt continually filtered in from the adjacent road and the railway line that runs behind the clinic. 
Calcutta Rescue staff had already built a wall in February sealing the clinic off from the railway line.  

Nimtala clinic supervisor Asif Ahmed said, “Nimtala clinic always gets the most wounded patients. To keep infections at bay and keep our other patients and our wound dressers safe we really needed a separate dressing room.

“In April and May, the construction was totally stopped. I am glad that we are able to complete it by June though.”

The clinic is currently treating 10 patients a day as well as emergency cases. Because of the impact of the Covid crisis on the lives of beneficiaries, patients are also being given supplementary food at the clinic.