Immunisation Programme Starts on World Immunisation Day

As the pandemic period had started, Calcutta Rescue had stopped providing vaccinations to the children of the slum community contemplating the safety of the staff.

After seven months CR decided to start the the services that were stopped. A few days ago Calcutta Rescue street medicine programme started.

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On the onset of  World Immunisation Day on10th November, Calcutta Rescue resumed the immunisation in the slum areas again.

Today 24 children of Kolkata station bustee area were brought to Talapark clinic and were given the doses of polio vaccination.

Covid is here to stay but that doesn’t mean the very necessary services can be stopped for an indefinite period of time.

Street Medicine project officer Debu said, “Starting from today we’ll provide vaccination every Tuesday. We provided polio vaccine to 24 children today. We will bring more of them next week. Today we used the school bus of CR to bring the children to the clinic and to send them back home.” He added,
“The plan is to cover more slums, “We plan to move to other slums in the coming months. We’re planning to go to Dakshineswar next.”

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