Kavi’s Memorial Walk

Forty people will be doing a 20km sponsored walk for Calcutta Rescue in September – please support them!

The team will spend Sunday, 5th September, walking from Kew to Hampton Court along the Thames Thowpath to raise money for Calcutta Rescue’s core activities – health and education. A third of children in Kolkata’s slums have dropped out of education since the pandemic started, making the charity’s award-winning education project more important than ever. And with so many people either not seeking medical support during the city’s lockdowns, or being turned away by clinicians and hospitals, there is an increased demand for Calcutta Rescue’s free, high-quality medical services.

While our focus recently has been on raising funds for Calcutta Rescue’s COVID-19 relief work, which is now supporting tens of thousands of people, the charity’s core work is more vital than ever. 

Kavi’s Walk is also in honour of Calcutta Rescue support Kavi Varsani, who died of COVID-19 last year, at the age of just 22. Three years ago, Kavi took part in a sponsored walk for Calcutta Rescue along the same route, and we are hoping to raise as much money as possible for the charity in his memory. So please make a donation now by clicking below: