Brighter Futures Appeal

Please support our Brighter Futures Appeal for school computers

Last month schools in Kolkata were finally given the green light to fully reopen for the first time in two years. 

Not being able to go to school has had a massive impact on schoolchildren there with a big increase in the number who have dropped out of education and a big drop in attainment levels. 

The team of teachers at Calcutta Rescue have worked incredibly hard to keep its 650 students motivated and engagedMany children come from families who are illiterate and have received no formal, or extremely limited, formal education.

Calcutta Rescue have ensured all students had access to a mobile phone so they could take part in online education. 

Two mobile schoolrooms were created to visit slums, so that the youngest children have been able to access all-important face-to-face time with teachers.

Now that Calcutta Rescue can finally reopen its two schools, we want to ensure that these young people, who come from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, get all the support they can to overcome the impact of the past two years and make the most of the opportunities education offers.

But the computers at the charity’s two schools are obsolete – with some up to 19 years old! They can’t run modern educational software, they struggle to boot-up, and they crash repeatedly. On top of that, they have been sitting unused gathering dust for the past two years…

We urgently need to replace them with new computers as soon as possible so these students and their teachers can access the digital world that most of us take for granted.

It will cost just £15 to buy each of the 30 computers needed, and an IT company in India has promised to donate the other 10.

So please help give these bright children have a brighter future by watching our video appeal and donating via Justgiving, following the link below.

Thank you so much!