The story of Parvati Mallick

30 years old Parvati’s actual home is in Bihar, another state of India.10 years ago after her husband left her and unlawfully took her two children with him. She spent her days looking for them but was unable to find them. She then decided to start a new life and came to Kolkata alone and started working in a small hospital as an attendant She rented a small room near her workplace. 
One year ago, she started feeling weak while working at the hospital and soon she fainted.
“When my eyes opened I found myself in a hospital bed with no feeling in my left side. After the initial shock subsided I was told that I had a stroke and later understood that I am partially paralysed,” she said, a cane clutched tight in her right hand.
Parvati lost her job. Her savings ran out after paying hospital bills. As she could not pay the rent she had to move out. Without having any helpful relatives in the city she did what any homeless person would be forced to do. She started living in the streets. 
“I don’t blame my landlady,” Parvati said, melancholia in her eyes. She needed money too and I could not pay her.”
Parvati started living in the nearby rail station and started to beg. “There was a lot of space,” she said, “a roof overhead, public restrooms and lots of footfalls make it easier for begging.”
But such a place is not safe for a lone young woman. 
“I was being harassed and molested. When it started to become more and more vulgar I left the station.” Parvati said, “For at least a year I lived in a street. But once again some bad men noticed me and the same thing started. I was thinking about changing the place again.” 
And that was how she was found by Sanghita Mondal, the CEO of FOKE (Friends of Kolkata’s Elderly are another nonprofit organisation that works for helpless elderly people of the city).
Sanghita Mondal contacted CR Nimtala clinic for assistance. Parvati was brought to CR on 30.12.2019. Our doctors were saddened to see so young a person to have a stroke. After her ECG report was done they found out Parvati has an irregular pulse, a cardiac rhythm abnormality that had been the catalyst for the stroke. 
Calcutta Rescue staff has been able to connect Parvati with a kind-hearted lady named Arundhati Choudhury(a friend of Sanghita Mondal, the CEO of FOKE) who is currently letting her live at her own home. She is getting treatment from Calcutta Rescue and also, with CR’s help visiting government hospital. Our physiotherapists are going to her current home and treating her.
Parvati has led a life of deep sorrow and anguish but she is still thankful. “I am forever grateful to Sanghita ma’am, Calcutta Rescue and Arundhati madam for saving me from streets, helping me getting better and letting me have a roof overhead.” Her eyes glistening and a small smile gracing her lips, “I really want to get well. I want to work like I used to do. I want to be independent again.”

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