Illness can be a death sentence for people living on the streets or slums of Kolkata. They cannot afford to buy medicine or pay for operations when they or their children fall ill. 

Calcutta Rescue runs primary health centres that offer essential health services such as diagnosis, medicines, and consultation for over 280 people a day.

We provide free medical care and treatment to the poorest in Kolkata. Our services include: 

  • Life-saving treatment for people with conditions such as HIV, TB, leprosy, diabetes, and cancers.
  • Street medicine – outreach programme taking immunisation and primary healthcare to slum communities
  • Maternity care for mothers and babies


Calcutta Rescue serves 25 slum communities from its four fixed clinics and two mobile clinics across the city. 

We continue Dr Jack’s legacy in our street medicine programme, whilst tackling difficult-to-treat illnesses such as multi-drug-resistant Tuberculosis and cancer with specialist treatment clinics.