Some of the charity’s patients and ex-schoolchildren find it impossible to earn a living. This may be because they are disabled, are illiterate or lack the necessary skills or confidence.

Calcutta Rescue’s fairtrade handicraft project was established to provide employment for these people, giving them the money they need to support themselves and their families and the dignity that comes with work.

The project produces a wide-range of attractive products using a variety of traditional crafts and materials – from up-cycled silk saris to water hyacinth bags. Designers from Europe come to Kolkata to work with the team, training them in new skills and developing new products that are on trend.

Calcutta Rescue has recently launched several new vocational training projects, helping our beneficiaries to make a living in a range of skilled jobs.

Calcutta Rescue’s handicrafts are available at outlets in India and in the West, and can also be purchased directly from the project in Kolkata.

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