Our Work


Calcutta Rescue provides free healthcare and health education to thousands of poor people suffering from a very wide-range of conditions who would not otherwise be able to access treatment elsewhere.


We provide education for hundreds of young people, preparing them to enter formal schools and providing daily support throughout their time in school to help them benefit from the opportunities education offers.

Living standards

Calcutta Rescue works in coordination with other charities to improve the living standards in slums through the provision of clean drinking water, toilets, electricity and other essential services.


We run a Fairtrade handicrafts project which provides training and employment for ex-patients and former school pupils who cannot find work elsewhere. Our team create high-quality products which are sold around the world.

Arsenic Project

Calcutta Rescue has installed and manages several water filters which remove arsenic from the drinking water of thousands of people living in rural Malda, near the border with Bangladesh.

Poverty Research

Calcutta Rescue carries out pioneering research into deprivation in the slums where we work, which allows us to target our resources effectively to the needs of local people.