Vocational Training Starts for Dropped Out CR Students

Eleven young people have just started high-quality vocational training courses thanks to Calcutta Rescue.

They were all former secondary school students with the charity and six of them had dropped out before taking exams.

Now they are all back studying with the help of Future Hope ,another NGO that partnered with CR, who are in collaboration with George Telegraph Training Institute, one of the best vocational training colleges in Kolkata.
The courses last between six months and a year and will give them the chance to get good jobs working in air conditioning, computers, admin and the internet.

Because of the pandemic they are studying online and via WhatsApp at present and will do the practical aspects of the courses as soon as it becomes safe for the institute to reopen.

Calcutta Rescue’s Vocational training manager, Tuli Chatterjee, said, “I spoke to all these students individually. I gave them choices to pursue a career in different prospects and they chose these courses for themselves. Some of them have been unable to pass the board examinations but they want to be independent, some just want to stop the conventional studying and to pursue a different path. Our duty is to help them on their journey.”

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